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Thrashers Pre-Game
posted Feb 9, 2006 at 04:21PM

Well tonight we will have two underachieving teams who are both desparate for a victory. On top of that you have the whole Heatley-Hossa dynamic to add that little bit of acid to the mix.

I expect and certainly hope that the crowd gives Hossa a nice welcome. Along with Havlatt, Hossa was my faourite player to just watch. He was one of those players that really mady you understand that Ottawa was a good team with outstanding hockey players.

I still remember vividly that playoff goal against Philadelphia where he was literally skating circles around the Flyers. In my mind that single goal is what kept the Senators from bowing out of the playoff early that year.

No wild predictions tonight. It would be nice to see the Vermette Fisher pairing again. They provided some very nice play in the few shifts they had together in the first period.

As well I think it is safe to say that the Senators are no longer suffering from "complacency".

Post ScriptJust read on the ticker that Bochenski is being brought up. Perhaps to replace Schoubert who will play for Phillips who is a game time decision due to sprained thumb.

As well it looks like Spezza is no worse for wear and will play. I am hoping that last night perhaps provided some kind of catharasis between he and Murray. Trust me when I say that I would rather be heaping praises on Murray than insults.

Bullet Bullet Bullet