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We Need To Go For A Goaltender
posted Feb 20, 2006 at 11:51PM

You would think, given the main emphasis of the site, that I would talk a lot about trades and trading. But the fact is I don't follow the other teams close enough to form independent opinions of how good other players are. In other words what is their true value.

Up to now I have not shared that feeling held by many that Muckler has to make a trade before dead-line. In my mind no trade is better than a bad trade.

Contrast this with the populist but idiotic ravings of Erin Nicks, who wrote recently in the Ottawa Sun,

"Fans are clamoring for a trade, especially after the Doug Weight fiasco"

What "fiasco"?? Is Nicks actually suggesting that Muckler should have given St. Louis what they asked for? Now that would have been a fiasco.

Disregard that Weight has done zilch point wise for Carolina. Forget that like Bondra, Weight may not have a found a good fit. The thing that intrigues me, is that Weight, shortly after getting to Carolina, made it public knowledge that he intends to resign with the Blues, after this season is over. (And don't think for a minute that the Blue's GM did not know this when they put him on the market)

So imagine that. The Blues with Weight, and with Volchenkov and with Vermette and with a first round draft pick. I mean even if you knew that Weight would score the Cup winning goal, it would be a trade of dubious quality. Anything less would be a true fiasco...because at the start of next year we would have nothing.

But now I finally get to the crux of the matter. The injury to Hasek, even if it is a temporary one, was a huge warning shot over the bow. During the pre-season, I would have told you, over a few beers, that Emery would be the big surprise of the season, subbing for an injured Hasek and leading us to the promised land. But to say that now is little more than sheer romanticism.

So we need a goalie. And a very good one. We all knows what happens when we don't have good goaltending. We don't need a back-up,...We need a true-blue no.1 starting goalie we can go to if Hasek goes down. We need a no kidding starter who will be our Number 1 goalie next season when Hasek retires.

So we should not be looking for a short-term rental but someone who can potentially back stop the franchise into the next decade. And we have to get him before March 9.

The trouble is, Muckler will be dealing from a position of weakness (especially if Hasek's injury lingers). Everyone will know that the Senators will be desperate for a goalie, and they will squeeeeeeeze Muckler for all it is worth.

Muckler needs to find a team that has surplus quality goal tenders but needs steady but unspectacular, i.e. expendable players.

The only teams that come to mind are Buffalo and Minnesota. Buffalo would not help us out unless we literally gave them the heart of our team. That leaves Minnesota. Well just checking Rolason's stats....ugh...ok sorry Minnesota is a non-starter..

Oh man are we screwed if Hasek goes down.

Well the question remains what should we give up to get a good goaltender. To me start with a baseline package consisting Smolinski and Varada. For $4 million combined salary we can and should do better anyways. I don't know what is coming up in next year's draft, so I don't know if it is better to sweeten the pot with draft choices or other players. It would be great to find an emotional GM who would take McGrattan but I doubt it. It might take an additional player of some quality. A defenceman like Schoubert, maybe Philips? Hamel would be keen to go.
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It starts getting painful very quickly.

Man are we screwed if Hasek goes down.

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