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Vancouver 2010 - Time to Bring Out God's Artillery
posted Feb 22, 2006 at 10:14PM

The most important event in Canadian Hockey History will be the Olympic Hockey Tournament in Vancouver. And the time to start preparing is now.

The first step towards a successful campaign is to bring Scotty Bowman in as the full-time Executive Director of Team Canada.

His record speaks for itself. He has Stanley Cup rings for each finger and a couple of toes. He has won Stanley Cups with three different teams. He is a man who is not afraid of pure talent. Remember this is a guy who, while in Detroit, brought Luc Robitaille to play as a fourth line "role" player.

He can spend his remaining years either giving charity coaching clinics, or he can go out coaching the greatest team in planetary hockey and winning the one thing he hasn't yet got: an Olympic Gold Medal.

Indeed if it was up to me I would have the press conference even before the upcoming gold medal game. Turin? Who cares. Vancouver is where it's at baby, and we all know it.

It would bring tears to men's eyes to see Scotty Bowman behind the Team Canada Bench. And when he passes on, we would have the most expensive state funeral taxpayer dollars could provide...and one hell of a wake.

Bullet Bullet Bullet