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Checking the Stats on Two Goalies
posted Mar 1, 2006 at 12:36AM

These are two names that seem to be coming in articles and blogs/chat boards. Obviously Fernandez is the guy we want.

I have no idea if it is even feasible, but I am of the mind that we do not want a short term rental here. We want a guy who can be our number one for the next three to five years.

Can Muckler do a multi-year deal in this envirnonment? I would think he would have to be talking to the agent and see if Fernandez would take a multi-year deal with the Sens. Can we compete in an all out bidding war? Maybe not, but Fernandez would know that by coming to the Senators he would be in the play-offs every year and be competitive for the big prize. And it is not like he would be a pauper here.

Signing a multi-year deal with Fernandez might also make it easier to sign some of our other big players.

I can only imagine that Muckler is really grilling the medical staff to get the straight goods on Hasek's injury and his prognosis for the rest of this season. It is certainly not looking promising right now.

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