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Muckler Press Conference
posted Mar 3, 2006 at 02:07PM

The Senator's GM recently held a press conference. The link is below and I think fans will find it of interest. Particularly check out the sound bites.

The big thing I got out of it was his statement not to go for a goaltender and a rough date of 1 April for Havlat's return.

Muckler excited as trade deadline approaches


I am happy that Muckler doesn't want to trade away the future for short-term help. Too many franchises go down the drain that way. I am surprised that he plans to go for another defenceman ... wasn't that Schubert's role? I would think he would like to concentrate his ammo for a stab at star center. which in my opinion is the one way we can improve the team.

From the sound clips at the sens site it also appears he he will NOT be going after a goalie. I have to admit the latter generates a bit of a pucker factor. I hope he is right about Hasek coming back as good as new.

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