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Line-Up and Tradeline PostScript
posted Mar 6, 2006 at 03:22PM

Just to be clear, I am not saying Hamel/Bochenski are top six forwards. They are simply keeping the seat warm for Havlat until he gets back in motion. At that point the Quasimodos line-up would look like this


All in all a pretty healthy line-up to go into the playoffs with. Now the question comes what should the lines be if we get some trade-line help?

One thing about the Olympics is that I did get a chance to see Doug Weight play. And yes he would have bee a GREAT addition to the team. He had a great sense of where to be on the ice, very creative and very unorthodox. I bet he has been plagued by never having the right kinds of wingers to truly capture all of his potential. Schaeffer and Havlat would have been those wingers, as both are very creative, and "unorthodox" in the way they create offensive opportunities.

Is Jokinen made of the same stuff? I don't know but let's assume he is the real deal. What would the lines be? The big line remains the same. Jokinen goes in between Schaeffer and Havlat.

What to do with Fisher? Well one option is to put Fisher between Smolinski and Neil. They were our steadiest line during the meat of our slump. The kid line would remain intact.

The other option would be to have Fisher between Vermette and Eaves... a kind of super kid line. The chemistry between Vermette and Eaves has been well demonstrated whenever they have happened to play together. Vermette Fisher, for the two games they were together were also an awesome pairing. I remember Murray saying that he showed the team the first five minutes of the Rangers debacle. The one bright spot in that five minutes was Vermette and Fisher who were doing some passing that was on the verge of mind-bending. No surprise that he kept them together for the start of the next game....but the pairing did not survive the inevitable player juggling that was going on at the time.

It really would be good to see them get a few games together to confirm if there is something special here. One thing for sure any line with both Fisher and Vermette would be fast. And Fisher and Vermette on the PK would be downright fucking lethal.

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