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Letters to the Fifth Estate
posted Mar 8, 2006 at 04:14AM

Chris Stevenson (Ottawa Sun)
Re: Go Big or Go Home

I like your article...but one question...if the trade is made, do Luongo and Jokinen come with multi-year contracts already signed?...or will they wait until the end of the season to consider all offers?

Your plan works if they come signed and committed to Ottawa for the next few years....otherwise we may lose in the bidding war and end up with worse than

Bruce Garioch (Ottawa Sun)
Re: Muckler turns attention to likes of Recchi, McCauley

Thank God we are not going after Bertuzzi. As someone on a chatboard mentioned, "we need character in the dressing room, and Bertuzzi would bring cancer"

Why on earth would we be going after old fogies like LeClair and Rechhi. Philly dumped them because they simply ran out of gas in the play-offs, and they are now two years older.

And why on double earth would we trade Vermette for McCauly?!! Vermette has as many short handed goals as McCauly has power play goals. Vermette is a center, if someone on the Sens management would only bother to check.

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