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Thrashers an Important Test
posted Mar 10, 2006 at 05:02PM

Well the "Powers to Be" sure picked a fine time to not boradcast a senators game. I think like everyone, I am keen to see how Arnason does. I mean if he shoots the light out it would probably bring on giggling from people anticipating the return of Havlat.

It is with a curious sense of dread and yet morbid fascination that I await the line combinations. Just with McGrattan off the radar, the line combinations should be OK. Will he look to try to drop in Arnason and go for minimum disruption? Or will he go for a whole new look for the team? Actually since our last game with the Thrashers the lines have been OK...not perfect...but I am so happy that Vermette does not have to play with McGrattan, I don't really care. I have been doing some statistical studies and puttng Vermette with McGrattan has been probably the single biggest error of this season. No surprise he is starting to pick up his scoring since McGrattan has been scratched.

All in all a key test for us. We haven't beaten them yet this season. They have been playing good hockey lately and we need to start beating good teams. Of course our last visit here was arguably the worst perfromance of our season. That, along with our let-down against Florida, as well as the arrival of some new blood, should ensure that we are "up" for the game.

I just hope Dean Brown remembers that he is not on TV and to mention who is on the ice a bit more!

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