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A New Statistic - The Goal Scoring Efficiency Factor
posted Mar 10, 2006 at 05:17PM

I came up with some new statistics to try to get another view of how players were doing. They were called the Goal Scoring Efficiency Factor (G-SEF) and the Points Scoring Efficiency Factor (P-SEF). I was going to include these in a major "think" piece dealing the importance of compatible line combinations and the "quality" of ice time. And I will, but then I thought I would just present the rankings of our forwards in raw form, without any "analysis" or spin. I think you will find them interesting. In case your are wondering Arnason has a G-SEF of 1.44 and P-SEF of 4.56.

There is nothing overly complicated here. I simply took the the number of goals that a forward has scored and the divided that by the total number of minutes of ice time the player has accumulated over the season. (Source: ESPN Stats) The number comes out as a fraction so I multiply it by 100 to get the final number.

I then do the same thing with a forward's points. Think of it as a sort of bastardized goals or points/minute type statistic. OK so the rankings from best to worst are below.

Goal Scoring Efficiency Factor

Havlat 3.11

Alfredson 2.86

Heatley 2.76

Eaves 2.75

Fisher 2.03

Vermette 2.01

Spezza 1.76

Schaeffer 1.76

Neil 1.62

Smolinski 1.43

Varada .88

Schubert .84

Kelly .70

McGrattan .44

Point Scoring Efficiency Factor

Spezza 6.93

Alfredson 6.36

Heatley 5.91

Havlat 4.84

Schaeffer 4.45

Smolinski 3.96

Fisher 3.87

Neil 3.65

Eaves 3.8

Vermette 3.42

Varada 3.01

Kelly 2.40

Schubert 1.96

McGratton 1.34

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