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Patriotism is the Last Refuge of Scoundrels
posted Mar 14, 2006 at 12:24PM

Remember last season, when the CBC was reporting that all Canadians were "banding together" behind the Flames in their quest for the Cup? Well I sure wasn't one of them. I was very happy when Tampa Bay took that seventh game.

One, I want Ottawa to be the team that brings the Cup back to Canada. Second the thought that a team that is based on two stars and a bunch of grinders can win the Cup, is to me an insult to the natural order of things. (Let's face it - the Flames were charmed that year: one bad bounce and their season is over in the first round).

In that vein I was emotionally pulling for Tampa in their victory against Montreal. If I could write the script, Tampa (tonight nothwitstanding) would keep it together just enough to barely squeak into the playoffs. Atlanta and Montreal would melt down, and the Islanders would somehow sneak in through the back door.

One that would give us an easy first round opponent that we could dispatch quickly. Then there is the admittedly malicious, but exquisite zest of knowing that the Leaf lovers at HNIC, and the Toronto based sports media, would be forced to give the Senators continual coverage.

And then there is the certain knowledge that when the CBC is talking about all Canadians banding together behind the Senators, that Leafs fans will be yakking their cookies.

Petty...but there it is.

As for tonight, it will be great simply being able to watch the Sens in action again. We have owned Tampa for what seems forever, and I see no reason why that should start changing tonight.

Bullet Bullet Bullet