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Injury Reports and other Potpourri
posted Mar 18, 2006 at 04:31AM

Well the big news, according to the Ottawa Sun, is that Fisher should be back in two weeks. No broken bones, no torn ligaments. Indeed if this results in a well rested and rejunvenated Fisher, it may pay dividends down the road.

Did you catch the footage of Hasek during his "skate" in Boston? I dunno ... to my eyes he looked like he was doing things pretty gingerly out there. Worse he was talking about improvements coming over periods of weeks, not days. Emery is doing fantastic ... but it would be nice to get the Dominator in full form.

According to the Sun's Bruce Garrioch, Varada will be back for the game tonight. There is consideration that Vermette might be put in between Schaeffer and Neil. Obviously I cannot argue with that. But you know, I really would like to see one full game of Vermette with Smolinksi and Arnason. There is something about having three centres out there on the ice at the same time. It is so unorthodox, so "out of the box", so insane, that it may just work.

I used this site's Media Directory to read up the Buffalo and Carolina rags. They are all hyped up for sure. Everything has been going their way, their teams are playing out to full potential: indeed they are playing to "perfection".

That's the rub though isn't it? "Perfection" doesn't last. In a way it is remarkable that we are right up there with them in points, because we have certainly not been playing to our full potential, much less perfection.

Maybe this is the year we save the best for last. Maybe Murray is a genius and is orchestrating everything to tie together at the right time. If that is the case, then I will gladly eat a closet full of hats, sans ketchup -- just as long as we finally put our best foot forward in the playoffs for once.

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