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Flyer's Strategy? Pound Them!
posted Mar 25, 2006 at 03:26PM

I was just perusing some of the "enemy" newspapers and web-sites. Most of them don't make much of Fisher's absence. They are of the feeling that Ottawa still has the advantage of team speed. They do believe that we are going to be very vulnerable on defence. Many are calling for the Flyers to put in a very agressive, physical fore-check aimed at wearing our defencemen down. And of course that does make sense.

Our defence will have to be quick with the puck and our forwards will have to come back and support them.

Usually I am not a fan of McGrattan being in the line-up. There are two exceptions. The Leafs...and the Flyers. To us the Flyers are just another of the better teams that we have to go through. They on the other hand hate us, in the way we hate the Leafs.

I am expecting an an intense, "rowdy" affair.

Bullet Bullet Bullet