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Devils 3, Senators 2 (SOL)
posted Mar 28, 2006 at 11:14PM

The Devils came out skating hard and playing the trap to perfection. The result was a sluggish game in which our forwards seemed to be continually skating against a strong head wind.

There were no real set lines tonight, and I doubt if any of the multitude of combinations we saw on the ice this evening, will make the light of day in the playoffs. Heatley got two clutch goals off of point shots, but no forwards distinguished themselves today. It is not that anybody was playing poorly either - it was just a bunch of black uniforms trying to push through a giant marshmallow.

Slowly, but surely our defence corps is getting decimated. Volchenkov and Chara are still out. Philips left the game with a knee injury and didn't return. Redden is obviously not skating at 100%, and Meszaros ate enough rubber to become the Michelin Man. Yes he had that bad give away, but you can't jump on a guy who is going to spend the next two days in a hot tub trying to get the bruising down.

Perhaps the real game feature of note, was Emery, who put in a great performance tonight. Lots of acrobatic and difficult saves, he kept the game close, and was full marks for being the first star. It was very good to see him come back from the Philly game with a solid outing.

In comparison to the game, the overtime was fantastic hockey. End to end action , speed and great passing, with lots of chances by both sides. Filip Novak, perhaps had the best chance, which would have made for a memorable first NHL goal, but it was not to be.

Our dismal record with shoot-outs continued. This time Vermette did finally get to shoot. He pulled a nice move, but lost the handle. ARRGHH! Heatley and Alfredson both went for shots, and had no more success.

The one New Jersey shot that did go in, was actually stopped by Emery, but was carried back over the goal line by his own momentum.

It seemed almost fitting.

Bullet Bullet Bullet