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Rangers Pre-Game - What I Would Do
posted Mar 30, 2006 at 01:14AM

What would I do if I were in Murray's shoes?

First and foremost I would put the Big Line back together. When you have the best line in hockey you play them, you don't break them apart. That only makes the other team happy.

I would have liked to put Smolinski and Schaeffer up with Arnason. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, both play on the same wing and I don't know how either would playing the other side. Ergo time for the Insanity Line of Smolinski, Arnason and Vermette

Although dozens of combinations were tried with Arnason last game, this wasn't one of them. Unfortunately this is the only one that has really worked since Arnason came on board. I don't know why, and for the one or two games until Fisher and Havlat gets back, I don't care

The next line is Schaefer, Kelly, and Eaves.

So now we would have the three strong lines in sequence that has been a recurring requirement for success all year. These lines have only one purpose in life. That is to score goals.

The fourth line is Neil between Varada and McGrattan.

They are not expected to score goals. Their terms of reference are simple: Physically destroy the other team. Make sure all the advertising on the boards are replaced with the imprints of Ranger players.

Three lines to score goals and one line to grind them into dust.

That is what I would do.

Bullet Bullet Bullet