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Please - Letter to Dan Brennan
posted Apr 1, 2006 at 05:39PM

If we are depending on everyone to adopt Neil's crashing play to win the Cup, then we will not last long in the playoffs. Am I the only one who has noticed that we no longer dominate on 5 on 5 play. We were very fortunate in facing a physically run down Rangers team in a game which saw the first half of that game turn into a special teams battle. This meant Murray's line combinations were not put to the test. In the third period he shortened the bench and our only even strength goal was scored by a combination I know Murray will never use in the playoffs.

There was nothing wrong with the Top Lines +/- rating before Kelly came in to save the day. Indeed if we are leading the league in goals for, and goals against, it is primarily due to the work of the Big Line. To break up the best line in hockey, and to replace Alfredson with Kelly, is a move so stupid I did not think it conceivable outside of extreme circumstances.

Hasek's injury has a direct connnection to Murray's inability to organize and manage the talent made available to him.

Coach of the Year?...More like "Idiot of the Year"

If scoring even strength goals was easy then anyone could do it.

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