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Making a Statement - Senators 6, Thrashers 4
posted Apr 3, 2006 at 11:06PM

You know it's a team effort when McGrattan, makes like Cam Neely, and scores a highlight reel even-strength goal.

Depth? With Arnason taken out for a concussion during the game, the Senators were minus eight of their top players, and still came up with a big two points. Although obviously everyone chipped in, the Spezza/ Heatley and Smolinski/Schaefer pairings are deserving of special mention. They were "on", both for even strength and the power-play.

I think if there was any complaint, was that after watching the Kovalchuk slash on Neil, and the hit on Arnason, I do wish someone, would have had a "chat" with some of the Atlanta players. Fights without context are a waste of everyone's time, but there are instances, and this was one of them, where getting a message across with one's fist is fully called for.

I also didn't like the way we almost let them back into it by playing the trap. Ug!

In then end it was a nice two points, as it keeps us within range of Detroit, but perhaps more important, keeps us ahead of Dallas in the overall points standing. I do think Dallas will be the Western representative come Finals.

Thankfully there is only one last "radio" game to go. Like everyone else I am anxious to see all of our players return, and to get a glimpse of what this team is going to look like going into the playoffs.

Bullet Bullet Bullet