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Three Cheers for Lindy Ruff
posted Apr 4, 2006 at 03:39AM

I have been waiting for so long for some coach to have the brass to blast the league about the home-cooked officiating that basically allows the Leafs to cheat. Too bad it took a serious injury to a key player to have this happen. Basically Tucker got hit, and then in true Maple Leaf cry-baby fashion went looking for pay-back, first with a head shot and then a deliberate knee on knee which caused the injury. Of course no penalty was called, and yet the minute that Tucker was knocked to the ice to stop his rampage, the referee's arm goes up to give Toronto a key power-play in a tight game. How can a team as lumbering as the Leafs still lead the league in five on three powerplays? Because the fix is in.

I don't know how many times I have seen this happen. How many time did we see Hossa get clothes-lined and gang tackled, even without the puck, with nothing getting called and then the minute Chara hits one of them, up goes the arm. Too many people think that fans hate the Leafs just because of HNIC coverage. No they hate the Leafs because they are a bunch of whining sissies masquerading as tough guys. They are a dirty, cheating, non-skilled, clutch and grab, dump and chase team who confuse all this with "grit" and playing hard. This year even with the help of the refs they still can't do shit.

I hope Tucker does get suspended for the season. I look forward to the day that the Leafs are eliminated. It will be a great day for hockey, and a great day for sports in general.

Bullet Bullet Bullet