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The First Goal - Another Letter to Don Brennan
posted Apr 6, 2006 at 01:02PM

Arnason was not on the ice for the goal because Spezza did not get off with his linemates. If the goal was not scored, Spezza would most likely have been chewed out by Murray. The fact that the combination was never used again also reinforces the notion that Murray had nothing to do with them being on the ice together.

Most of our losses this season can be laid directly at the feet of Murray's line combinations.

Don Brennan replies:

You're right about the late change by Spezza.

And I might argue that if Arnason was on the ice, there wouldn't have been a goal there.

And good for you, dumping on Murray.

If only the Senators had a better coach eh? They'd be 75-0 right now.


My retort,

That is right, there would be no goal, which begs the question why is Alfredson not playing with Spezza all the time? Just because it is obvious, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done.

Dumping on Murray? Compared to what? You giving him credit when none was deserved, indeed giving him credit when good things happened by directly contradicting his designs?

You gave him an "assist" on the goal, when the goal happened despite what Murray wanted, not because of him. Are you that afraid of having your press pass taken away if you say anything critical about the team?

If it were not for Murray's stupid line combinations we would have the President's Trophy sewn up, and we likely would not have lost Hasek, through overuse before the Olympics.

Let me guess, you were a Martin apoligist as well.

Brennan's last word.

Hey Tom.

Obviously, you haven't read my stuff much in the past.

A Martin apologist? Good one. I called for him to be fired every year they got knocked off by the Leafs.

You obviously don't talk to Senators management, either. Pretty sure if you did, you'd find out I'm their least favourite media guy.

As for Murray, my line about him deserving an assist was tongue in cheek.

Sorry you missed it.

And it's my opinion, along with that of many others, I'm sure, that he deserves coach of the year consideration. The Senators have had as many as 8 rookies in the lineup through much of the second half, or post-Olympic play, and you only have to refer to their record the last two months to see how much they've suffered.

Who do you think is responsible?

And finally, I say the better question is not why Spezza isn't playing with Alfredsson all the time, but what is Arnason doing here in the first place?

Murray is trying to make a player out of him by using him with Alfredsson.

Right now, it's not costing the team too much (again, just look at their record in the last 15 games).



The Ottawa Sun article being discussed can be read by clicking
Murray Changes Them Up

The passage of note goes as follows,

"With time running out in the first period of a game in which they were being outplayed, Murray had Jason Spezza on the ice with Fisher and Alfredsson. The three combined on a beautiful passing play that ended with Alfredsson whipping a hard shot past Martin Biron and sent the teams into the first intermission tied."

No problems so far, but then he followed with,

"Spezza and Fisher got the assists, but if there could be a third, it'd have to go to Murray."

I see nothing "tongue in cheek" here. Spezza made an ice-time decision to stay on even though he has been screamed at many times "to get the fuck off the ice when your linemates do".

Because Spezza did not get off, we actually had a top line that had three of our best players on the ice at the same time. We dominated play and scored a highlight reel goal. The question is, did anyone else notice that? More importantly did Murray notice that?

Let us hope for tonight's game against the Canadians that the Big Line is back together and Fisher is back at center where he belongs.

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