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Habs Pre-Game
posted Apr 6, 2006 at 05:39PM

Montreal has been on a hot streak and come to Ottawa with Hasek's remarks ("easiest shut-out of my life") still ringing in their ears.

One thing going for us is the fact that David Aebischer will start in nets and he has not been strong in his last three outings. One thing the Senators have always been able to do is exploit weak goal-tending.

Again, it would be nice to see the Big Line back together, and Fisher playing at center.

It will be interesting to see if the minutes for defencemen get spread around a little tonight. Another attempt at 37 minutes and you have to figure that some people will be dragging their knuckles on the ice by the third period.

Our PK has been letting in a few goals, and it would be good to see that aspect of the game, get back to form.

It will be great to watch the games on TV again.

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