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Creative Trios and the Habs
posted Apr 10, 2006 at 12:21AM

Was just doing a little Googling and ran across this thread on potential line combinations. It is called,

Creative Line Combos for the Playoffs (click link)

It includes some interesting line combinations that had not occured to me. I think you will find the ideas will stir some creative juices.

I have of course talked about potential playoff combinations myself in earlier posts. Right now the only combination that is deserving of sacred cow status is the Big Line. They just score goals.

The Kid Line? Well I hope they get at least one or two games to show if they have the makings of a workable trio. On paper they should be great together, but what works on paper and what works on the ice are two different things. If they are left together for the game against the Habs and the Bruins and still haven't scored a goal, then my support would go down appreciably. These guys can score goals, it is just a matter of putting them with the right people. In my mind this line should start getting results quickly or it is not to be.

It would really be wish fulfillment to see Vermette at center and Kelly at wing. I think it suits their respective styles of play. As well it would take advantage of Vermette's face-off percentage which is never mentioned by the media, but is fourth in the league..

One thing for sure when Havlat returns, there will be no weak players. There will be no "booby" prize of getting stuck with a weak sister. It is just a matter of finding the combinations that gel.

Of course like everyone else I am anxious to see who gets to play with Havlat. Right now I think the lines are being jigged for Havlat to drop into Smolinski's place with Fisher and Schaefer. Smolinski will then take over from Varada and play with Arnason and Neil.

But that is pure speculation

For the game tonight against the Habs? Well our forwards are going to have to step up and take control of this game. Our defence corps does not have the horses. The big key is the forwards ability to keep possession of the puck. As has been pointed out in various blogs and newspaper articles our generosity in giving the puck away is just killing us. There is no excuse here. We have a full complement with the exception of Havlat. They should be able to outmatch Montreal on nearly every shift.

One can't expect too much from the defence, but they do have to be stronger on the opponents blueline... and well just stronger.

I don't think it will happen, but I think Morrison should get the start. If you click the Hockey Country link (on the right under Fan Sites) you will find some excellent rationale for doing so.

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