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Leaves Watch
posted Apr 12, 2006 at 03:30AM

By pulling horseshoes out of the their butts, and with the aid of sympathetic officiating, the Leaves are still not dead. Why in hell did Jacques Martin put his back up in tonight instead of Luongo? Talk about soft goal city.

With Tampa starting to look weaker than ever, can the unthinkable still happen? There are some people who think it would be great for the Senators to meet the Leaves in the play-offs, and get that monkey off our back.

Screw that noise. Half our arena filled with locusts, the Toronto media on maximum psy-warfare mode, talking about the past, and how the regular season doesn't mean anything, and who cares who won the season series, and all those interviews with Tucker saying the same thing and of course the refs.....oh yeagh, the hell with that noise

Much better to get that monkey off our backs when we are defending Stanley Cup Champs.

Below are the schedules of the three teams who are jostling for the final playoff spot.



Tampa Bay

If the Leaves win all their remaining games, Tampa Bay needs three points to stay ahead of them. Given that 2 of thier games are with Carolina, there is no guarantee that they can do that.

If the Tampa Bay loses all three, then the Leaves just have to win three out of four to get ahead.

When you look at their schedule you could describe them as having two "tough" games. One with us, and one against Buffalo.

Of course there is Atlanta, who have put two impressive victories together back to back. As long as they keep winning, they stay ahead of the Leaves. A tall order, but they do seem to have the schedule to do that, with all four of their games against non-playoff teams.

Regardless, our upcoming game with the Leaves will be the biggest game of the season. It will be a playoff game, the equivalent of a single game winner take all. We have to win that game.

More on that in the future of course, but one thing for sure, Murray better stop farting around and have the Big Line together and organize the rest as if this was a game seven.

Bullet Bullet Bullet