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Getting Well Again - Part 6 - Pray for Emery and Hasek
posted Apr 17, 2006 at 12:45PM

Just a quick segment that I wanted to get in before the Rangers game. No need, I am sure, to tell anyone of the blindingly obvious importance of goaltending in the playoffs. Trying to determine if Hasek is back at 100%, and ready to take on the "Dominator's" role is a mug's game at this point. For all intents and purposes, it looks like we will go into the playoffs with Emery in the nets. Yes it could be better ... but it could be a lot worse as well. In that vein insuring that Emery is 100% over his hip injury is magnitudes times more important than the two points against New York.

I would much rather finish in second place in the East but start round one with a healthy Emery, than finish in first and start round one with an Emery whose mobility is still being comprimised by his sore hip.

As long as segments 1 and 2 are being implemented I won't care if we lose a game because Morrison was weak, as long as we get a fully recharged Emery for the next game, which will really count.

Bullet Bullet Bullet