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Crocodile Tears
posted Apr 26, 2006 at 09:37PM

Well there was Don Cherry just turning into a blubbering bleeding heart about LeCavalier and what bravery he displayed. Yeagh right. The fact is LeCavalier wanted nothing to do with Chara, until the referee got in between them, and then he got all lion-hearted on Chara. Unfortunately for him the ref decided to skidaddle and LeCavalier was soon doing the funky chicken.

They are always yakking about Ottawa's lack of toughness, but whenever Ottawa puts the boots to people they start squealing like stuck pigs. The notion that Ottawa never had toughness is nothing but a myth perpetrated by Toronto based corporate media and swallowed whole by way too many people.

We beat Philadelphia twice in the playoffs. Did we do that wearing tutu's? Hitchcock himself stated that the series with Ottawa was the most physically intense series he had ever experienced, and that was right after they had beaten Toronto.

By the way, what has Toronto done against Philadelphia? Nothing. You know why? Because they were not tough enough. Because they choked. Because they confused "clutch and grab" with "grit".

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