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Pre-Game Anticipation
posted Apr 27, 2006 at 03:59AM

The efforts of Tampa Bay's coach to psyche out Emery, are to me, a sign of increasing desparation. If there is anyone with goalies that can be "got to" then I suggest Tampa Bay has two of them.

Maybe I am looking in the wrong places but I can't believe the paucity of Senator's coverage on local staions. Like bake sales are more important?

I do hope the Senators come out with all guns firing and they keep the pressure on through out the game. All of the hockey I have seen so far in the playoffs shows that "letting up" or sitting on leads, is a disasterous tactic.

Short of the Big Line being put back together, I hope Vermette gets a full game this time with Spezza and Heatley. They looked really good together and I think Vermette has reached the point where he has the potential to "break out" as a recognized new offensive weapon for us.

He was close to this point after the Olympic break where he was starting to score with regularity, but then the injuries happened, and he no longer got to play with Kelly and Schubert, and it never happened. Maybe tonight.

It is not a stat the TV folks key on, especially when the goals are going in by the bushel, but Vermette, in the two games we won, had bravura performances in the face-off circle going 15-7 in the last one.

I hope Smolinksi can pick his game up to just another level. Alfie had a good game, and Eaves looks like he has completely gotten over any rookie jitters. I didn't mention him, but he had a great game as well, potting a goal, and adding some great hits and screens.

As you have probably noticed I don't study the defence that closely so I was a bit surprised that Pothier was a healthy scratch. He certainly wasn't the only defenceman to have a sub-par performance in Game 2.

It looks like it will be a game time decision to see if Kelly will play. If he doesn't, then there is part of me that would like to see Mcgrattan in there, with Neil at centre and Varada. A very "interesting" line for sure. I would not give a plug nickel for Dingman's life. Mind you the way the refs are, they would probably give McGrattan two minutes for "stepping onto the ice". If not McGrattan, then having Martins step in for center would be the way to go ... he certainly has displayed "energy" every time he has had the opportunity to play.

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