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Credit Where Credit Is Due
posted Feb 25, 2004 at 01:34AM

Dear Editor,

Credit where credit is due. Your coverage of the gay marriage issue has been excellent. No spinning - just straight to the facts reportage of a "touchy" subject. If you could maintain this standard over all political coverage then CNN would regain its place as one of the elite newshops on the planet.

I must say I find it hilarious to see Kerry and Edwards squirm like fish out of water on this issue. Do they actually believe their being "for" civil unions but "against" gay marriage is going to win the hearts and mind of social conservatives? They could ape Bush's policy word for word and these people would smell that they are not the real why bother?

Unfortunately for Kerry and Edwards they no longer have Howard Dean around to tell them what to say. Without him to stiffen thier backbone, they are already crumbling. The reason the idealogues of the Republicans were so frightened of Dean was because they sensed he was a man who had an integrated belief system. Kerry and Edwards don't have one, and that is why their only way to the White House is if the Republicans completely self-destruct.

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