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We Few, We Merry Few
posted May 11, 2006 at 12:54PM

It may seem to some that reciting some form of the St-Crispin's speech would be too maudlin or falsely dramatic heading into tonight's tilt in the lion's den. Yet to me the first requirement for a successful come-back is that the team hit the ice with a true "band of brothers" mentality. Murray doesn't have to tell the defence that they have to stop giving the puck up, or Emery that he needs to come up with the big save, or tell forwards that they have to finish their attacks.

The players already know that, and hitting them with motherhood bromides which highlight the obvious will do little to make it transpire on the ice. Sitting players in front of the video machine will not do one iota of good unless they, as a group, know something that the rest of the planet does not, that they can still win this thing. Indeed if I were the coach I would tell them that there is no other team in the league that I would want to even attempt the feat with , that the Ottawa Senators are the only team that can even contemplate coming back.

My biggest concern going into tonight's game is Emery. I cannot help but have the impression that he is playing hurt, that somehow his hip injury has flared up again. There is too much of his play that reminds me of that period in the regular season. His lateral mobility seems non-existent and he seems to be having great difficulty getting himself square to the shooter.

If Hasek was waiting for the opportunity to come in as Ottawa's white knight, then you can't ask for a more opportune circumstance than tonight's game.

One thing about being down three games, is we get to really find out who is who on the Senator's line-up.

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