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Ramblings Part II - The Fate of Alfredsson
posted May 14, 2006 at 11:20PM

Here is a lesson from the past, also involving Bryan Murray. In the 92-93 Season the Detroit Red Wings were also coached by Bryan Murray. They were also filled with talent, also finished second in points in the regular season, and like Ottawa, also made an early exit from the playoffs.

The Detroit fan base went ballistic. Everyone wanted to get rid of Yzerman, and it amazed me even then, how much "legs" that idiotic idea actually had. Well someone from higher management came to their senses. They fired Murray, hired Bowman and kept Yzerman. They went on to win three Stanley Cups.

I suggest that is the route the Senators should take. Fire Murray again. Replace him with a coach that has at least taken a team to the Cup Finals. And keep your best player and top scorer. The mob calling for Alfredsson to be dealt away, should be summarily ignored.

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