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Let's Do the Ostrich
posted May 21, 2006 at 05:40PM

Ok, I am not in the best of moods when it come to things "Senators" but I could only describe the "letter to the fans" from the owner as sheer blubbering, and psycho-babble. Most disappointing was to read the following,

"First and foremost, Roy Mlakar, Bryan Murray and John Muckler have my complete confidence and support. I am going to be working with them over the coming weeks and determine what needs to be done. No anger, no denial, no bargaining, no depression. Just focusing on what needs to be done and doing it. We start Monday."

Seems to me that he is still stuck in denial. I mean how can he have complete confidence in Murray and Muckler? There is no lack of evidence to show that the Sens were vastly outcoached and outprepared in their series against Buffalo, and other managers did way better by their teams than Muckler did.

I mean wasn't Melnyk paying attention? Despite the fact that Havlat was the only forward missing for most of the year, we went into the playoffs with lines that either were never tested, or proven ineffectual during regular season play. Lines that were proven to be effective, (and when I mean proven I mean they actually put points on the board), were never used. Indeed Murray is almost pathological in the way he veers away from what works, and trys something that doesn't. Of course the power-play was the most recent example. Against Tampa our PP was clicking along at a league leading 33%. Why on earth then would you change it? Why would you replace Havlat with Eaves?

His inability to produce three competent lines after Havlat's injury, was the turning point of the Senator's season. It certainly was a factor in keeping Hasek in nets game after game, to mitigate our sudden inability to play five on five, even knowing Hasek was dead-set on going to Olympics. Hell once we found out that Hasek could actually play he should have been put under glass until the playoffs started, given just enough work to stay sharp.

Murray has done a masterful job of ass-covering by trying to blame the loss to Buffalo on Hasek of all people. One would have thought that to have a Hall of Famer staying with the team and cheering them on from the bench would have been an inspiration to the team. Indeed if he had just packed up his marbles and took off because he himself was not playing, it would have been a sure sign of selfishnees. If Hasek was a distraction it is only because Murray declared it one.

As far as I am concerned, the team cannot make forward progress until Murray has been replaced.

Muckler? I don't blame Hasek on him ... it was a good try, but let's face it ... he is not a good trader. There was no reason why we had to throw DeVries, a perfectly good defenceman and a draft pick to sweeten the Hossa pot, to get Heatley. Indeed Atlanta should have been the ones sweetening the pot, to unload a player who obviously could no longer perform to specs on that team. DeVries and the draft pick should have, and could have been used for trade bait elsewhere ... if for anything but to start beefing up our farm club, which is no great shakes right now.

Of course there is Arnason. He was advertised as a skill guy who could score from in close. Well he couldn't score and suffered from severe allergic reactions to any form of physical contact.

Right now I am getting the feeling that no one in authority is willing to take a real critical view of the team at hand. They can barely admit that anything is wrong ... and it is obvious that something is wrong.

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