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Vinegar into Paper Cuts
posted May 22, 2006 at 11:31PM

A homemade 2006 Senators tribute music video can be found by clicking below (warning it does take a for the video to load)

Sens '06

I found the pictures of Spezza, Heatley and Alfredson together particularly bitter-sweet.

As an exercise in self-flagellation I went to the "Scores and Video Highlights Section" (See the "more sports" section near the bottom of the links section) and watched the highlights, especially from the first part of the year. That period when Havlat came back from his 5 game suspension to the game he was hurt really was the peak of our season.

A neat little feature is that if you click a player's name you watch all the goals that player scored during the year. Of course one has to watch Havlat's goals. [I had almost changed my mind about wanting him traded, but you know he can't just duplicate that in the playoffs so why bother]

I also took the time to check out the goals of Vermette, Eaves and Kelly. If we don't get any major changes, and that's the way the wind seems to be blowing right now, than any scope for improvement will have to come from the "kids" bringing their game up to a new level.

Bullet Bullet Bullet