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Odds and Sods
posted May 30, 2006 at 05:06AM

Well if you are coming to the site, that can only mean you are a real Senators fan, a keener.

I salute you.

Well from reading the Ottawa Sun it seems that "Hasek Experiment II" is a definite possibility. A major argument for going this route is money, Of course the performance risk is the same as last year. One, can Hasek regain the form of the Dominator, and two can he get through the season and playoffs without injury. Actually to be accurate I would say the risks are higher as he is one year older and he did suffer another season ending injury. I don't care what kind of shape you are in, when you hit your 40's you just can't do what you could when you were in your 20's.

On the other hand, there won't be an Olympics this coming year, and hopefully the Ottawa braintrust would be disciplined enough not to over play him. Indeed one can suggest that Emery gets 60% of the workload. Of course that assumes that Murray can learn from his mistakes, and I for one, am not giving him any benefit of the doubt in that regard.

Then there is dressing room politics. Of course Murray himself has made it pretty clear that he is not too interested in Hasek. Then there is the impact on Emery. I am sure you have heard that Hasek reported that Alfredson led a bunch of players in trying to get him to play against Buffalo. Hasek correctly walked out on them. I wonder what Emery thought when he heard that? Remember that TSN "insider" piece on Alfredson, most notable in how it showed that yes Alfredson had total command of the F word. But there was one instance where they have him miked in practice and we hear him saying (about Emery), "he really can't stop a beach-ball". This was when Emery was going through his slump.

I don't know what to make of it, but this "behind the back" gossiping just does not pass the sniff test. This is not the same as going up to Emery's face and telling him to get his shit together and challenging him to find a new level.

In the end, Hasek is just a high risk, short term solution. The team is still going to need a number one goalie to finish out the decade and there are some interesting names available. Now it would be nice to get an established number one goalie, but the cost of getting a "Kiprusoff" I think is an amount that management will not, or cannot, pay. That means they are going to have to find a diamond in the rough, someone who is the real deal, but has not really been given the opportunity to show his stuff.

Huet is the goalie I have seen the most of, and again I think he is a good one. How much would it take to get him? I am not versed in these matters but I suggest that $10-11.5 million dollars over four years would do it? Biron who is the back-up for Buffalo is also a good possibility. He has shown in Miller's absence that he can win and steal games. Then there is Gerber, whose stock has fallen these playoffs. It could be that this was due to illness. Gerber was a major reason for the Hurricane turn around this year, and it could be that his fall from grace gives us a "buying opportunity".

This would all be easier if Emery sucked. He doesn't, but in the end he cannot give the kind of goaltending that we have been seeing in the conference finals.

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