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It Is Over
posted Jun 7, 2006 at 06:10PM

It is amazing to hear the pundits of every class and salary level talk about the loss of Roloson as if it was just a piece of adversity that can be overcome by digging deeper.

Let me stick my neck out here. It is over. And you know what? It better be over. Because if an eighth place team that has been outplayed in every series can go on to win the Cup, with two of the crappiest goalies in the league, then there is something terribly wrong with the NHL game of hockey. It means all this scheming and planning and analysis and speculation on how to make a team better, is all a collosal waste of time.

Might as well leave it all to monkeys

Quite frankly I think the Edmonton faithful are in denial. Yes they have a chance, yes you have to still play the game, but the Oilers are screwed and they need nothing short of a miracle. They need Lady Luck to come out and literally drench the Oilers with good karma.

To suggest that, without divine intervention, the Oilers are a better hockey team than the Hurricanes, that they stack up well, is sheer delusion. Do they really think the Oilers would be in the finals if Roloson hadn't been standing on his head?

I am not being mean here, but am speaking from experience. Remember when word came out that Hasek was injured? My first reaction was that we were screwed. Of course as time went on I tried to convince myself, and any who would read, that the Sens would still do OK and that we were powerful enough to compensate for the loss. Well the intitial reaction was the right one. We were screwed and because we did not have a good enough goalie we did not have that critical mass needed to win the Cup, and we did not deserve to win the Cup.

Neither now do the Oilers.

Bullet Bullet Bullet