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Connacher Addendum
posted Jun 30, 2006 at 12:50AM

Actually I may have been off a bit on the EUB approval for least from a purely technical basis. Below is an excerpt of an interview with the CEO by David Pescod and printed in the June 29 edition of Stocktalk

Richard Gusella: We announced today that we have received the EUB approval letter. We are still awaiting the
final issuance of an order in council which will come from the Alberta Cabinet; I presume it will be shortly after they return from Washington, where they are down promoting Alberta interests in the United States. You need the cabinet ministers in place and need this to be on the agenda in order for it to receive an order in council. At that time, we are then in a position after due consultation with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) to move ahead with our project.

We are raring to go Dave! We are pleased with the decision and the conditions that are attached there are normal for a project of this nature, so we look forward now to the execution phase of moving ahead to get 10,000 barrels a day of production on stream in 2007.

The fat lady may not be singing ... but she is getting up on the stage.

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