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Well I Am Way Behind The Curve
posted Jul 1, 2006 at 08:41PM

You know I was taking time between plastering and was fiddling with numbers to see how I could make my wishlist come true in light of Redden's salary. I think there are some scary implications coming down the road, especially when it comes time to try to resign Spezza. Anyways it looks like some of my prognostications will have to serve as a private baseline for now, as Muckler has pulled the trigger and done some deals. For details check out the Ottawa Sun.

First knee-jerk impressions? Gerber? I like it a lot

Chara gone to the Bruins for 7.5 million a year? Good riddance and you will have extra time to work on your golf game.

Ottawa obtains a Joe Corvo(defenceman). I don't know him, but last season's stats look promising and the price is right.

Poithier gone to Washington for 2.5 million. He was not worth that much. But we do have another hole to fill.

Note to Melnyk.

A hockey franchise is a stupid means to try to make money. You'd have been better off putting your money in T-bills. Open up the purse strings. Get Jovanovski. He is aksing for $6 million. I would take Jovanovski/Redden over Redden/Chara any day of the week.

Somewhere in there we still need a number 2 centre. Get one for Havlat and Smolinski.

And then, for next year at least, we are really set to kick butt!


Oh well Jovanovski was taken by Phoenix for 6.2 million/year. I would be curious to know what Ottawa offered Chara.

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