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Are We Going to Get Hosed?
posted Jul 4, 2006 at 08:42PM

It should be obvious to all that Muckler is having trouble off-loading Havlat. Teams are not lining up to grab the supposed elite winger, especially with out a known dollar cost attached to him. That alone suggests that other teams may not share in Havlat's good opinion of himself.

He wants Spezza like money...but he has never put together a Spezza like season, and he has had a few kicks at the cat.

What worries me is Muckler's intention to go get a "fourth-line centre". Again, why? It seems, according to a poster on the HF Boards that Kaigorodov may not be available as he is already contracted to play in Russia. Is that it? But we still have Vermette and Kelly who can ably fill that role and have lots of upside, Vermette especially.

My worst fear is that in order to get rid of Havlat, Muckler is going to do, what he always does, and start sweetening the pot by packaging a player and/or picks to offload Havlat, and at the same time dump more salary.

Most people would conclude Smolinski. Sure if we were going for that true-blue second line center. But a fourth liner? Smoke, at his current salary, would already make the penultimate fourth line center.

My fear is that he is going to package one of the young guys with Havlat.

Remember I am all for trading Havlat, but only if the other side overpays, or at least gives us something good. Otherwise I would keep him for this season. No trade is always better than a bad trade. Always!

The thought of Havlat and Vermette being traded away in return for a "fourth"-line center and reduced salary cap, is a concept that makes me want to yak my cookies.

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