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Updated GM Salary Cap Worksheet
posted Jul 6, 2006 at 01:26AM

Below is an updated salary worksheet which incorporates the signings of Spezza and Emery.

C = Contracted (Source used was TSN) P = Projected (My Estimation) A = Under Arbitration

You will notice that I have also reinserted Smolinski and Havlat. I wanted this chart to show where the Senators are currently at, more than reflecting my arm-chair go at things.

As you can see, even allowing for a margin in error in projected salaries, the club looks to be considerably over the $44 million league salary cap limit.

Not only do we need to dump salary, but we will be hard pressed to refill their departures, even with lower cost substitutes.

All I can say is that the kids, Vermette, Kelly and Eaves, better be ready to step up, and step up big

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