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Sticky Math
posted Jul 9, 2006 at 06:56PM

A recent article in the Ottawa citizen quotes Muckler as saying,

"Organizations have to think differently in a cap world that expedites player movement and limits payroll to $44 million U.S. The Senators won't exceed $42 million U.S. at the start of the season."

I would think one of the conditions for long term viability is to avoid salary alabtrosses. Indeed any salaries that do not give good value has a ripple effect that affects the whole team.

In that regards I still think the Redden signing is not a good one. I think we are paying $6.5 million dollars for at best, a $4.5 to $5 million dollar player. To me a $6.5 million defenceman is a Norris Trophy/Conn Smythe type player who can literally carry a team on his back. Redden is a very good defenceman, but he is not at that level. When you look at this playoff statistics then the level of his salary truly becomes a burden. We would have been better off with a solid 2.5 million dollar defenceman with the left over $4 million available to strengthen the club in other areas.

The repercussions to the team as a whole are yet to be realized, I think, by many fans.

Again consider the chart posted in the blog post prior to this one. We have about $46.25 million in projected liabilities, but want to start the season with a salary burden of only $42 million.

$4.25 million of salary has to be jettisoned. Indeed even more, if you factor in that you are going to have to pay the replacement players something.

I can see Smolinksi being traded for prospects and draft picks. God knows we are going to need them in the years ahead. Losing Smolinksi does not help the team, but I think most would agree we have enough on the shelf to play around his absence.

Of course there is Havlat. You don't lose a Havlat and then just shrug it off. You have to replace him with a player that can play on our top two lines. Oh yes, and he has to come cheap.

Getting rid of Havlat and Smolinski sheds $5 million in salary and gets us down to 41.25 million. Only 750k to get a top six forward? That would be quite a rabbit to pull out of the hat.

However when you consider the entire cap of $44 million it would mean we would have $3.75 million in cap left. That should get a pretty decent number 2 center.

But the pattern is becoming clear. We lost two defencemen and only got one in return. We may very well lose two forwards and only get one in return as well.

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