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Havlat and Smoke are Gone!
posted Jul 9, 2006 at 11:53PM

Well was just browing through the SensNation chat board where I found out that Havlat and Smolinksi have been dealt. The link below will take you to the TSN story.

Sens deal Havlat and Smolinski to Chicago

First impressions. The Blackhawk braintrust blew a gasket, signing Havlat for 3 years and $6 million a year. If they think Havlat is the kind of player that can carry a team on his back, then they are in for a rude, rude shock.

Mark Bell, a player, who as Chris McCurtry over at Hockey Country argued, could have solved our number 2 center problems, goes to San Jose.

Ottawa gets

Tom Priessing

Josh Hennessy (revised link)

Michal Barinka(revised link)

2008 second round draft pick

Of the four only Priessing looks like he will be able to help immediately. The other three look to be in the realm of "prospects" and I have not yet looked up much information on them. But it certainly looks like another trade where Ottawa is assuming the "risk"

Taking money out of it, Chicago got two players who will make an impact. San Jose will now become probably the strongest team in the NHL at center. Ottawa, at best, gets only a decent defencman for immediate help.

You would think that if Chicago was so high on Havlat as to pay him $6 million/year we could have gotten more for him and Smolinski together.

When it is all said and done my first impression is that San Jose comes out a much strengthend team. Of course the Black Hawks were so far down that the additon of Havlat and Smolinski is a really big, if overpaid, addition.

We did get much needed blueline help but one could argue that we are going to be hard pressed to make up for the loss of two top six forwards.

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