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Revised GM Worksheet
posted Jul 15, 2006 at 12:17PM

Below is the revised GM Worksheet. According the NHLPA site, Schubert has been signed for .525 million - which is less than the .7 million I had projected. This only confirms to me that Muckler is better at negotiating salaries, than he is at trading players. This is a steal for a player like Schubert who is the team's uber depth player.

I have also included Hamel. For .45 million I see Hamel as being a nice upgrade to Varada at 1/3 the price.

The contracted salaries now come up to $36.37 million. Unless I am way off on the projected salaries, we are at the salary level that Muckler has stated he wanted to start the season with. Even when considering the 44 million level which Muckler has said he was ready to spend, it still only leaves us with 1.9 million in cap space. This is not enough to get the kind of top six forward that I was hoping for.

I can't help but linger on Redden's salary. If we had replaced Redden with a decent $3 million dollar defenceman, Muckler would now have $5.4 million at his disposal. Not only would that have paid for a Samsanov (3.5 million)for example, but it would also leave plenty left over to get a high-end third or fourth liner.

Redden has to have a Pronger type of season to justify the lost opportunity cost.

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