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One Big Hole Left to Fill
posted Jul 29, 2006 at 03:50PM

Below is an updated salary worksheet. As you may know the salary that a player gets is not necessarily the same as the cap hit. The latter, I believe is calculated as the average salary over the length of the contract. So although Schaefer will get paid 1.7 million this year, his cap hit is 2.1 million. I am not sure if I have all the nuances involved and just haven't had the time to nail it down.

Kaigorodov is still a big question mark. My projected salary here really is in the realm of wild assed guess. How much will he cost? Will we even sign him? If we do, can he actually be the number 2 center some people hope?

Getting a top six forward to play with Schaefer and Fisher is the team's top priority. Right now, (assuming a worst case scenario of no Kaigorodov)I would pencil in Neil to play right wing on the second line. Neil is not a top six forward, but he has "chemistry" with Fisher, and the line proved to be competent in last season's campaign.

The main reason I put Neil up there is to keep open the possibility of a third line of Vermette between Kelly and Eaves. This would give us one of the finest third lines in the league. Indeed I believe this trio could and would outscore the Schaeffer/Fisher/Neil line.

Unlike last season, it is now looking like we will not be able to mount a fourth line of any real consequence.

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