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The Bottom of the Barrel?
posted Aug 2, 2006 at 03:22PM

From James Mirtle who again does great work we get the following list of forwards who are still available as UFA's

V. Kozlov - Allison - Sykora
Daze - Perreault - Carter
Bondra - Hrdina - Dvorak
Rucinsky - Daigle - Kvasha
G. Johnson

So is there anybody here that can fill our need for a top six forward? In my mind whomever we get has to be a 30 goal scorer, otherwise we might as well have kept Smolinski

Carter is a name I have mentioned before. In the little that I have seen him play I looked at him as a good fit. There are lots of people however who don't think highly of him. The fact that nobody has picked him up yet makes me wonder if the negative view is the correct one.

The fact is as much as I would have liked to have seen us start the year with that top six forward I don't think it is possible. We don't have the money to out and out "buy" someone. Ergo we are going to have to trade. In that case it may be better to wait until trade deadline to see if there is someting better than what is currently available.

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