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Final Iteration - GM's Salary Worksheet
posted Aug 13, 2006 at 12:57PM

I have updated the work sheet to include McCammond. The total cap hit comes to just shy of $43 million so I cannot see any dramatic additions before the season. At this point it is better to let them play and see where we will need extra help for a playoff run and then go for that come trade deadline.

It is disappointing not getting that top six forward as well as not getting to see Kaigorodov who may have been the one to fill that hole.

My overall impression however is that we still have a very good team that will have a lot of speed and thus will be enjoyable to watch. If we can get the line combinations right then we should have no problems scoring goals. It is not partisan optimism to say we could have at least six, if not more, players who will score 30 goals or more this year

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