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Re: Attack Dogs and Runaway Cats
posted Feb 22, 2004 at 07:20PM

(Again written in late 90's..early attempts to articulate a philosophy)

Re: Attack Dogs and Runaway Cats

One in thirty million Canadians get bitten by a dog. Every day! So what is Emile Therien's final solution? Detailed categorization in national databases, followed by forced sterilization, with the ultimate aim being the complete extermination of entire breeds. Therien gives new meaning to the term "safety-nazi".

In the same Friday edition was yet another example of control freaks putting the boots to defenceless animals. Cats are now to be leashed at all times. Why? Because they actually cause a nuisance, raid gardens and get into fights with other cats? Is this why energetic boys are drugged up with ritalin? What's next? Anti-noise bylaws for children's playgrounds?

Humane Society personnel state also that it's risky for cats to run around free. With freedom comes risk. The complete elimination of risk is equivalent of enslavement to the pleasures of arbitrary power. The freedom to take risk is an affirmation of life. Every teen-ager going to a rave instinctively understands this.

Of course there are cat owners, and I am one of them, that thinks the Ottawa Humane Society would be more accurately named as Ottawa Pest Control, indeed Pest Elimination. In my opinion sending an adult cat to the Humane Society is tantamount to a death sentence. Better to let it loose in the woods. At least it will have a chance, and if it dies, at least it went out swinging, and not as some innocent inmate of a feline death row.. Of course to some people, house cats running free are a threat to peace and order; feral cats are an abomination. It sometimes appears that their gut reaction to finding these cats is to kill them...and they actually think they're doing the cats a favour. Of course the Inquisition believed they were saving souls when they burned pagans at the stake. This is a pattern often repeated. A mother bear defends her cubs. Kill her. Some whales flounder on the beach. Kill them. One racoon gets rabies. Kill them all; and then test them..oops. Even in my younger infantry days I was hard put to find such bloodthirstiness.

I found myself wondering if Doug Raven was one of these twisted personality types, or was he just trying to roust up some extra veterinary work. After all, he deems it perfectly acceptable to have cats declawed. Fine. Would Mr. Raven have any problems if his fingernails were removed? Surgically of course and under anaesthesia . We don't want to be cruel. If Mr. Raven knew anything about cats, and the pride and importance that they place on their claws, he would realize that the surgery would have to get a lot more intimate before the score was evened as far as the cats were concerned.

One gets the sense that a country that gets a burst of patriotic passion from a beer commercial is in a bit of trouble. But then why not? Canada has become the land of four way stop signs and speed bumps. I remember in university when laying concrete blocks in the middle of busy intersections was considered an ingenious, if illegal prank. Now it's called traffic calming. Getting a gun license is more complicated than buying a house, and suburban by-laws would make the Pharisees proud. Enforcement of traffic laws has somehow been confused with fund raising; our best and bravest men get reduced to the equivalent of metre maids, even as we slip just a teensie weensie bit closer to being a police state. Of course we can forget about the smoking regulations, which contravenes the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and breaks every work harassment policy in the books. After all it's historically proven that high levels of discriminatory taxation is a great way for governments to get in touch with the people. Fans of chocolate and Big Mac type burgers be warned are on the bubble, and the Alan Rocks of the world really, really want to get in touch.

Obviously all of these articles got under my skin. They filled me with disgust and contempt. It also reminded me that any country that lets itself be run by control freaks, wether they wear uniforms or suits or a priests's robes, really deserves what it gets...good and hard.

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