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Fire Muckler (reprise)
posted Aug 28, 2006 at 09:03PM

Will somebody please shoot this guy before he makes a trade. It seems Muckler has the hots for P.J. Axelson. Only God knows why? He scored 10 goals last year, which what he has averaged for the nine years he has been in the league. This guy's book has been written...he is going to score 10-15 goals a year until he retires...there is nothing here that we want or need.

On the Sensnation board they were quoting sources saying that the Bruins were demanding a top 4 defenceman and an "NHL" forward. By "NHL" they were speculating Vermette or Eaves, two players who have already hit the 20 goal plateau, in their second and rookie years respectively.

Both of these players in my mind are more than capable of scoring 30 goals this year. For Eaves it is a matter of math...a full season gives him 27 ...add a bit for experience. For Vermette it is a matter of actually playing a whole season with two decent forwards.

Anyways again the fact that the Bruins are "demanding" this confirms to me that the other GM's hold Muckler in complete contempt. It is not just what they are demanding...according to this Brownescombe blog post
Muckler is offering ... offering Volchenkov and Kelly.

I would not even trade either of these guys one for one for Axelson. Next to Vermette, Kelly is probably the most underated, misunderstood player on the Sens. People forget that Kelly got over 30 points last year, almost as many as Eaves and Vermette and more than what Axelson got.

He may not be as flashy as Vermette but his overall hockey skills, and skating, is equal, if not better, than that Eaves. Unlike Eaves, but like Vermette, he barely played any games where he had two good linemates to work with. He is arguably one of the best pure passers on the team. Again the only problem here was that Vermette was the only guy he could pass to, that could actually do anything with the puck. Do you think McGrattan or Varada could streak behind lead-footed defenders and catch passes at full throttle? Might as well pass the puck to the Zamboni.

Put Kelly with two decent forwards....and please not fucking Heatley who can't play with anybody else but Alfie and Spezz, but any other two Vermette and Eaves, then his point totals would double at least He certainly would score 20 goals faster than Axelson would. And then there is the obvious... trading Kelly away breaks up one the most lethal PK units in the league.

And Volchenkov? Look the days of Ottawa having depth on defence are gone, finito...Muckler has pissed it away. This year our depth consists of Schubert, who quite frankly, is much more impressive as a forward that at D. If last year's call ups from Binghampton are any indication ,then the Senators have no safety net in that regards. To give up, what on any other team, is a top 4 defenceman for a perrenial 30 point forward is just ludricous.

With Chara gone we will need Volchenkov's ability to deliver bone crushing, momentum shifting, A-trains more than ever.

Could we use another forward? Sure...but unless this guy can score 30 goals in his sleep, then whoever we get is not going to be worth what we would have to give up.

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