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A Different Look At Gold - Inverse Ratio Charts
posted Jun 6, 2004 at 12:59PM

In time I hope to present something more formal. In the recent past I have been experimenting with the use of inverse ratio charts as a means to more objectily analyze charts. Below are presented inverse charts for gold on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

As a technical analyst do you find these patterns bullish? or bearish?

If you find the inverse chart "bullish" it means you are expecting BEARISH results in the real (un-inverted) world.

Again the basis for this is something I want to present more formally at a later date - but the intent is to find a way of looking at charts objectively without the baggage of pre-conceived notions. I believe there is merit here and I know it has already helped in a number of stock trades.

Some notes: If you want to experiment with this on your own it is important that you use "line" settings and not candlesticks...from what I understand the algorithms do not properly translate the latter.

By force of habit I have added some momentum indicators, but I have not verified wether there are any similar problems in that regard...are they calculated correctly? are there any "twists" in how one should interpret them?

So to play safe I suggest focusing on the price action..which in the end is what really counts anyways.

Daily Inverse Chart

Weekly Inverse Chart

Monthly Inverse Chart

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