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Shorting the Canadian Dollar - Trading Opportunity
posted Jun 10, 2004 at 11:15PM

Dear Editor,

If Canadians are actually stupid enough to put Stephen Harper and his gang of neoconservative whiners and fundamentalist bible thumpers in charge, a great trading opportunity will arise. Quite simply the day Harper wins --
short the Canadaian dollar. Within one year Canada will go from having the best set of government books in the developed world, to the worst.

This very "unconservative" plan of taxing less and spending more is right out of the American neo-conservative playbook.

The USD collapsed 25%. And that was despite being the world reserve currency, despite having the largest integrated consumer market, and despite Asia spending trillions of yen trying to prop the dollar up. The Canadian dollar will have none of these advantages.

And all those new homeowners, mortgaged to thier eyeballs, who vote for Harper will get what they deserve ... good and hard.

Bullet Bullet Bullet