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Past Sacrifice All for Not on Harper Victory
posted Jun 16, 2004 at 11:31PM

Past Sacrifice All for Not

It is amazing how self-described conservative talk the talk about fiscal prudence and management, but the reality is that only Paul Martin had the brass to make it happen. Although it took sacrifice from Canadian tax-payers to undo the reckless money management from neo-conservative wanna-be Mulroney, we are now beginning to enjoy the flexibility that comes from moving from net deficits to net surpluses. Surpluses that were maintained despite the biggest bear market since 29.

The fact is because of Martin we COULD afford the billion dollar boondoggles, which will certainly not disappear with the ideolgically driven Harper Gang. Bush started with record surpluses as well, and he pissed them away in the first year. Harper will be no different.

Harper's economic and social policies are no different then the Vichy conservatives who oversaw the downfall of the Third Republic. Indeed if the US were ever to invade Canada neo-conservatives like Harper and Frum would be the first to throw thier hands up in the air in surrender.

In this case the US won't have to invade - Harper, for the price of a pat in the back and some shallow compliments at a state dinner, will enact policy that will hand Canada over on a plate. Before Harper is through a roll of Canadian dollars will be worth less than a roll of Charmin..and be used for the same purpose.

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