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Get With the Program
posted Feb 29, 2004 at 01:09PM

Dear Editor,

Why are you making such a big deal over America's burgeoning deficits and debt levels? Haven't you been briefed? It does us no good to go on and on about how, despite economic growth numbers that are breaking all historical records, we have turned record surpluses into record deficits. People might think we are not good managers or something.

And don't go on and on about the record levels of debt we are piling on at the federal, state and consumer level. Look we have to do this to keep the wheels turning until the Novemeber election. In the big picture it just doesn't matter. Once we win in November we will take care of the debt.

By the end of our second term the US government will consist of the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice and we will be perfectly structured to focus on what is our God -given destiny...and that is to protect ourselves from all the other right wing dictators and religious fanatics who want to get their fingers on WMD.

Should be hilarious...ooops sorry...I mean glorious.

So get with the program. You are either with us or your are against us. And remember, the Dean Porfolio isn't closed don't start slacking off there either.

Bullet Bullet Bullet