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Letter to Dr. Duarte
posted Jul 7, 2004 at 10:07PM

Dr. Duarte,

Greenspan is working to get Bush out of the White House. The economic malaise which one can see creeping into the numbers was engineered by him. Remember before the new year when everyone was yelping about the dropping M3 money supply growth?

By the time everyone caught wind of it, he turned the taps back on...but it takes 6-9 months to work through the system - and it is now making its effect known and will carry on to the election. After the election things should pick up again.

Please stop quoting Bob Novak. He is an idiot apoligist who makes his living trying to make reality fit an ideology. He should be in jail for treason.

Thomas DeChastelain


While I am here please, as well, stop using for "intelligence information". Janes is superior in everyway. Stratfor is little more than a propaganda organ, promoting Israeli right wing security concerns. Listening to these buffoons is one reason why America is up to its eyeballs in dung

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