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Bob Novak - A Real Class Act
posted Mar 2, 2004 at 07:48PM

Dear Editor,

Bob Novak - A Real Class Act

It was really something to see. Bob Novak, a man who should be in prison for an act of treason for blowing the cover of a CIA operative, openly insulting the people and state of Vermont for voting for Howard Dean.

It is no coincidence that the object of this treason, this act of aiding and abetting the enemy, was someone who knew that the neoconservative case for war was a mirage

It is no wonder that Novak despises Dean for Dean understands that Bush is an incompetent, an individual you would not hire to even separate red pens from blue pens.

The FACT that the small state of Vermont leads the country in most measures of social capability WHILE maintaining a balanced budget is someting that this right wing idealogue and apoligist has no answer for.

Well Bob did you actually see the news today? You and you're neo-conservative counterparts said that American soldiers would be greated with flowers...well guess what? You were wrong YET AGAIN...your soldiers are being pelted with rocks. Indeed neo-conservative theoreticians have been wrong about EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of the war in IRAQ

The whole concept that American soldiers are dying because of ninnies like Novak and Tucker should have the American populace and American media in an uproar...but what do we see?...timidity, COWARDICE in the face of an idealogy that is bankrupting America in every way it can be bankrupted.

If the people running CNN had any clue of what a news shop with aspiration for international credibility really was, they would be giving Novak his walking papers. But they won't. They won't because they are not a news shop as much as they are a propaganda organ disguising themselves as presenters of objective truth. It is obvious for all to see that corporatization has done nothing for the free press except make it a subsidized work program for eunichs.

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