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Is Lou Dobbs Stupid?
posted Jul 20, 2004 at 05:50AM

Dear Editor,

After EVERYTHING that Powell and the neocons said about Iraq has turned out to be a lie how can Lou Dobbs chuckle and state that there should be no hesitancy about swallowing the White House line on Iran's weapons program.

What are they going to show a picture of a building and some trucks and say they are loaded with nukes?

How convenient that just as reports are coming out that Israel may bomb Iran that links to Alqueda start coming up and cable news dutifully passing it on as truth...

In case you forgotten Iran openly opposed the Taliban and supported the Northern Alliance (you know the guys you teamed up duh??)

Indeed the reason the Taliban, and Al Queda even exist is because of the support of Reagan.

What a f**ked up country...and what a f**ked up media.

Bullet Bullet Bullet